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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Think of it like a magazine subscription. When you become a member of our CSA you buy a “Share” or subscription to the vegetables we are growing during that particular season. There are significant differences between joining a CSA and purchasing vegetables from a grocery store. At the grocery store you don’t know who has handled your food, from how far away it was shipped, or how long it’s been sitting there. Joining a CSA gives you the ability to know where your food comes from, how it is grown, and that what’s in your share will be at it’s most nutrient rich because it’s picked fresh by Cleo and her crew.

Reasons to join our CSA:

  • You want to experience truly fresh, organic vegetables and want to try heirloom varieties not available at the supermarket
  • You want to eat healthier. The fresher your food the more nutrient rich and healthy it is.
  • For some families it’s about interacting with nature. Visit the farm and experiencing how vegetables look in the ground; you’ll find it is far different than how it looks on the grocery store shelf.
  • For some it’s about reducing the amount of miles food travels and the amount of fossil fuels used to transport that food. In a region surrounded by farms and farm land, our state still imports most of its produce from an average of 1,500 miles away.
  • Cost savings. While the upfront cost of a share may seem hefty the amount of food you get through out the season comes at a huge cost savings compared to purchasing the same amount at the supermarket.

CSA Sign up here.

Here is a basic guide on how the CSA works:

When you become a member you designate whether you’d like to pick up at the farm or at the market.

For CSA Members picking up at the farm:
When you show up to the Farm on Thursdays there will be the coolers in the Big Green Barn are self serve. Each cooler will be clearly labeled letting you know the contents inside and what to take for your share. Please be sure to sign-in on the provided sheet so we know you made it. We want to make sure everyone gets their share of yummy veggies.

You can find directions to the farm here.

For CSA Members picking up at the market:
Come to our booth inside the Easton Market Square building and let our staff know that you are a CSA member. They will grab your veggies from our CSA cooler at the booth. Be sure to let us know if in addition to your veggies you also have meat or egg share to pick-up.

You can find direction to Easton Market Square here.

CSA Sign up here.

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