Cottingham Farm at More Restaurants

With our heirloom tomatoes in full production we’ve been fortunate to have several restaurants express interest including local Easton area favorites Bartlett Pear Inn and t at the General Store. We also picked up our delivery frequency to Baltimore restaurants:

  • Woodberry Kitchen
  • Artifact Coffee
  • Parts & Labor
  • Volt
  • Aggio

It’s always a treat to see what wonderful dishes chefs create from the vegetables we’ve grown in the field.

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Win a CSA Share and Support Talbot Humane Society


Talbot Humane Society’s fundraiser auction Rock On Talbot Humane is tomorrow. We’ve donated a Summer Season Large CSA Share as part of the Silent Auction during their fundraiser. Be sure and support such a good cause by bidding tomorrow, Friday, May 29th!

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Reasons We Love Kohlrabi


Kohlrabi is an odd Sputnik looking vegetable and a farm favorite. It’s a member of the cabbage family, and as such, has the signature sweet-but-peppery flavor profile.

It comes in white, light green, or bright purple colors and its insides are usually creamy white. Normally we peel and eat the bulbous root, but the entire kohlrabi plant is actually edible. The leaves and stems are a great addition to homemade pesto or veggie stock.

So what do you do with this cabbage-y radish-y vegetable? It’s actually pretty fantastic raw! When served raw, it has a super-crisp texture and a mild peppery bite. It’s a little like a sweet radish. You can substitute it for potatoes and it makes an amazing “mashed potatoes” when cooked down. Just peel and cut Kohlrabi into small cubes, boil it for 15 minutes, puree it, and add your favorite mashed potato seasonings.

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Tour de Cure 10 Mile Fun Ride Comes to the Farm


We are honored to be the host destination for the Tour de Cure a wonderful fundraiser on behalf of the American Diabetes Association. We were the official destination for the 10 Mile Fun Ride.  It was great to see families biking on the farm road and loop as part of the ride. Special thank you to all the volunteers that helped us put the event together. What a great cause!

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Transplant Complete


We managed to get all of the first round of organic heirloom tomatoes out and into the ground of our main field. It ended up being just over 2,000 plants total. Whew! What you see in the photo on the right is the stakes set for them to grow. Some of the vines will grow as tall as 6 feet!

This week we’ve been busy getting the next patch of ground ready for peppers, eggplant and the last few tomatoes that weren’t quite ready for going out. This will end up being another 2,000 or so plants and will take Miguel, Anibal and I all Saturday morning to get them in. Then we get a bit of a break and don’t have to worry about getting any more in for a few weeks yet.

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Transplanting Begins on Our Heirloom Tomatoes


A photo of me and the crew on our crazy contraption that makes transplanting our organic heirloom tomatoes so much easier. The tractor pulls forward creating holes at pre-measured intervals in the plastic bed cover allowing the team sitting in the seats to transplant the juvenile plants into the ground. The process is much faster than transplanting by hand because the team doesn’t have to carry the tomato trays and doesn’t have to measure/bore the holes for planting. Plus the spacing is more exact giving the plants the perfect amount of room to grow.

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Monthly Farm Tour and Open Forum

Monthly Farm Tour

Cottingham Farm’s market customers and CSA members are welcome to visit the Farm on the first Wednesday of the month at noon, for a tour, open discussion, and light lunch.  Meet us at the first greenhouse on the right as you enter.  The address is 28038 Goldsborough Neck Rd, Easton, MD 21601 and it is on the left side of the road.

Open Forum

The Forum at is now open for registration. Click here to register at the site. Registration will permit you to join in on the discussions at our forum which includes topics such as policy issues, recipes, and community events.

Registration is no longer available for our site’s forum, but we invite you to visit our Facebook page and interact with us there.



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Facebook and more!

We now have a forum, Twitter, and Facebook!

The forum will allow discussion and idea sharing. Twitter will provide timely updates and short “tweets” from us and you will be able to Like and Share Cottingham Farm on Facebook.

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New Website!

Cottingham Farm is now digital! We’re happy to have a new home on the web and bring you updates from the farm. Note that our site’s look is still improving but much of our content will be up in the next few days. The appearance will improve as the new template is created.

Be sure to subscribe to our feed and check back often for new updates!

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