Reasons We Love Kohlrabi


Kohlrabi is an odd Sputnik looking vegetable and a farm favorite. It’s a member of the cabbage family, and as such, has the signature sweet-but-peppery flavor profile.

It comes in white, light green, or bright purple colors and its insides are usually creamy white. Normally we peel and eat the bulbous root, but the entire kohlrabi plant is actually edible. The leaves and stems are a great addition to homemade pesto or veggie stock.

So what do you do with this cabbage-y radish-y vegetable? It’s actually pretty fantastic raw! When served raw, it has a super-crisp texture and a mild peppery bite. It’s a little like a sweet radish. You can substitute it for potatoes and it makes an amazing “mashed potatoes” when cooked down. Just peel and cut Kohlrabi into small cubes, boil it for 15 minutes, puree it, and add your favorite mashed potato seasonings.

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