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Need for Change
The current food supply system in Maryland, as in much of the country, is broken. It is dominated by low value, pesticide heavy, corn and soy designed to be fed to confined animal feed operations (“CAFO’s”) or utilized as biofuel. So in a region surrounded by farms and farm land, our state still imports most of its produce from an average of 1,500 miles away. Our goal here at Cottingham Farm is to play a small part in changing that.
Our Vision
oranic_bouquetWe believe food should be nutritious and sustainable. We believe organic farm practices is the best way to achieve that. Maryland’s Eastern Shore which lies in the Chesapeake Bay watershed provides a unique opportunity.  There is a rich agrarian history and reputation in our community; why import our produce when we can grow nutritiously dense, healthy produce locally. That’s why we grow our produce using organic methods leveraging heirloom varieties, with no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.
A Beautiful Setting
cottingham_farm_main_houseCottingham Farm runs along the banks of the Goldsborough Creek and touches Chesapeake Bay. We have installed on the Farm over fifty acres of Conservation Reserve practices including an eighteen acre wetland which is a habitat for teal, black duck and other disappearing native waterfowl; thirty acres of warm season grass buffers around all fields to prevent water, sediment, nitrogen and phosphorous runoff as well as provide habitat.
What You Can Do Now

What you can do now.

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